PDFTron + Salesforce® :

Native document viewing, generating, collaborating, signing and editing capabilities

THURSDAY, JUNE 17 / 2021 @ 11:00 AM PDT

Empower full document functionality and usability inside Salesforce to streamline workflows, enhance the user experience, enable scalability, and safeguard data to reduce risk. And the best part? No server-side dependencies, connectors or third-party software.

As a trusted Salesforce partner, PDFTron is committed to bringing best-in-class document experiences to all Salesforce users and has two solutions to offer—a high-code, fully customizable solution, and a grab-and-go, no code solution. During the webinar we’ll cover both and help you explore the best option for your needs.

In this webinar we’ll go over how to:
  • Optimize document management inside Salesforce
  • Enhance workflows to review, approve, comment, sign and collaborate on virtually any file type (including video)
  • Save time and effort by creating quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, customer communications or marketing materials by automatically populating templates with Salesforce data

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